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Mar 19, 2019 at 9:33 PM
Jun 16, 2007
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Mar 19, 2019 at 9:33 PM
    1. ajeffares
      Thanks for showing me this place (via Boards).
      I put you as my referer
    2. 5star fan
      5star fan
      alright dub . using this site a bit there recently . startin to get to grips now which is not bad 4 a person who is not pc friendly .anyhow great site good to see so many people are really into the pool and have the knowledge to back it up .makes a change from the lads in work who hav nt a clue .
    3. amiebabyxxxx
    4. DirtyDingisMage
      Thanks for sorting that out for me this morning, cheers!
    5. IrishRed1892
      hey just like to say love the site. also i started a thread yesterday called "YNWA @ Celtic" and i went on today to find it was moved im just wondering where i can find it? thanks
    6. cshl99
      thanks for the welcome!!
    7. AthloneScouser
      Hi Dub, Im in a tricky situation, I have two spares for the Middlesborough game that are up for grabs, but im going over tomorrow(Thursday), so i might not get a chance to get back on this site and see of any1 interested. So i am going to give you my mobile number and if you hear of any1 you can get them to ring me:. I just dont want to display number. I can meet them outside Anfield if you hear of anyone. I just got the tickets and would prefer to get rid of them on Irishkop. Sorry about the hassle im putting you true.
      Regards Tom
      PS let me know if you get this. Cheers
    8. Tilly
      hey mate i posted my pc info up if u get a chance ,ta
    9. STEVE1978
      apologise 4 dat dub13, wony happen again.
    10. RogyBear
      sound 4 da welcome.. cant wait 4 next season
    11. leixlip kopite
      leixlip kopite
      Thanks for the welcome dub 13. Hope to have many discussions about cup and league wins in d near future. Cheers again
    12. MutantNinjaSkrtel
      looks like you have most of the best links covered there-livefootydoctor and in particular are very good.have a few more i can add to that list in due course!good to see that fellow kopites havnt been missing out!
    13. MutantNinjaSkrtel
      cheers for that............em i think i came across it on google a few days ago!
    14. MutantNinjaSkrtel
      Thanks for the welcome mate.........Just curious as to whether you know about how to watch Liverpool games live online?All I can say is that I saw every single reds game live last season bar Cardiff in the Carling Cup.It really is brilliant and easy to use.I could post the links or pass them onto you if you're interested.(Didn't want to start a thread about it since im new and not sure if you permit live streams on your site!
    15. youllneverwalkalone518
      hi,thanks 4 the welcome.looking forward to hearing loads from eveyone
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