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Mar 5, 2023
Jun 16, 2007
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Mar 5, 2023
    1. Balford
      Thanks for accepting me into this community. Was sat beside a man on a flight yesterday home from Manchester after the game that recommended this site to me after I told him I traveled on my own from Kilkenny to watch the Chelsea game..cost me a bomb in a taxi from Manchester
    2. red2005
      Payment sent
    3. red2005
      Have problem with bank transfer need card reader, can do PayPal now email is sorry about this.
    4. red2005
      Can I take 2 units in lotto syndicate will pay by bank transfer if that's ok
    5. Livr4pool
      Cheers. Got the email for member approval. I've filled in some details on here. Anything else, just let me know. Thanks. Sean
    6. gowinit6times
      Hiya, could you please change my username to gowinit7times, waited 14 years to do that lets hope the next time is shorter!
    7. Michaellennon96
      Hi I've just joined this forum and I know it's against rules to ask for tickets until 30 days but I'm just wondering as I'm in massive panic I'm going to Liverpool Friday for the weekend and I'm going to get to the game is there any way I can get help on this or tips on getting tickets over there?
    8. Thomas Geraghty
      Thomas Geraghty
      Hi have got this wrong ?? But do you have spare tickets for Liverpool v Man City game looking to get 2 was on instagram a while back got scammed and was on lfc members sale this morning could only get 1 single tried for 2 impossible sold out in minutes I'm D13 myself
      If you could let me know bout 2 tickets I really appreciate it
    9. LKDAVE
      Managed to pay the €15 twice - forgot I had a recurring payment, but leave it there, every little helps ! Will remember next year not to pay twice! Cheers
    10. gleannfhinne68
      Hiya, made mistake by putting my proper name as username, any way i can change that, thanks
      1. Dub13 likes this.
      2. gleannfhinne68
        If possible, can it be changed to gleannfhinne68, thanks
        Sep 11, 2016
        Dub13 likes this.
      3. Dub13
        No prob, thats done
        Sep 11, 2016
        gleannfhinne68 likes this.
      4. gleannfhinne68
        Sep 11, 2016
    11. brendan fenn
      brendan fenn
      just noticed paypal took out second sub,same as last year.will you put it towards your operating costs. thanks.
    12. bmacma
      hi, is there a way to re-activate an old account? I don't have access to my old email address so can't reset my password? Create a new account but wanted to re-use my old one? been a while
      1. Dub13
        Yes I should be able to do that, what was the username and the email address..?
        Jul 21, 2016
      2. bmacma
        Email was I think username was bmaclfc but not sure..
        Jul 21, 2016
      3. Dub13
        I have that account up now, the username is bmac. What email address do you want linked to it..?
        Jul 21, 2016
    13. daragh89
      Hey Paul,

      Can you change my username to daragh89?

      1. Dub13
        Thats done, long over due...!!!
        Jul 21, 2016
    14. Shane_90
      Hey Paul any chance of a name change?

      If possible can you change it to Shane?

    15. daragh89

      I think it is time I change my username. How do I go about doing this?

      Take out sterling and change it with Sane maybe!!
      1. Dub13
        What name would you like..?
        Nov 25, 2015
      2. daragh89
        Can I change it to Daragh?
        Nov 26, 2015
    16. DARREN26
      Hi Paul transfered money to yor bank a\c there for membership.
    17. shaz2004
      am looking to pay the sub but my paypal account is currently out of action, what are details for bank transfer, thks.
    18. Shane_90
      just renewed the subs and threw the lotto in aswell but forgot to leave a reference on it. transaction was 27€ cant pm cos the function is wedged. cheers
    19. Stevie S
      Stevie S
      Just renewed my subs there.cant pm ya cos my mailbox is now wedged!
    20. Dave Poole
      Dave Poole
      Heya just registered on the forum now was just looking to see if anybody could help me out. I got let down badly for tickets for the spurs game on Sunday. It was a surprise for his confirmation. Went to collect tickets and he handed me 2 for Sunderland this wed. Flights and hotel booked and paid for. If you could had any contacts I could go to over there to see if they had 2 tickets. Thanks. Dave.
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      • Mar 14, 2016
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    3. Sorted for Everton Ticket

    4. arsenal away, perfect as always.

    5. Top man, not a bother to deal with.

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