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born red 79
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Mar 27, 2012
Sep 30, 2008
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born red 79

Well-Known Member, from From Sparra. Live in Dublin now.

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Mar 27, 2012
    1. born red 79
      born red 79
      ah ok no prob. Thanks
    2. Dub13

      That forum is closed as they dont seem to use it anymore.

    3. Red Kopite
      Red Kopite
      Just to let you all know that I am organising 13th Annual Ballintubber 10k GOAL Walk at 12.30 pm on Saturday 26th December 2009. Venue is Ballintubber,Castlerea, Co.Roscommon. Our Walk has raised in excess of €323,000 over the years for GOAL's work in the Developing World. You may like to participate. I can be contacted at (087) 6388116 .You may like to sponsor our efforts on
      We have a lovely Commemorative Bookmark with the words "You'll Never Walk Alone" for all who make contributions online. Thanks to fellow Reds in anticipation of your support.
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    From Sparra. Live in Dublin now.
    Scouser in Dublin. 30 in college doin social care. Work in a community centre voluntary. Got a 10 year old who's boss. B
    I pray a lot these days. Get out of our club!


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    "We've never come in, since I've been here, saying we're going to do this or that.
    We just go out to do the best we possibly can in each game and add up our points at the end of the season.
    That certainly never did us any harm. That's the only way I know, the way I was brought up.
    Whether it's good copy for you or not, I don't know. I apologise if it isn't."
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