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Feb 29, 2024 at 6:11 PM
Jun 18, 2007
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Baile Atha Cliath

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Viewing thread Man United away Fa cup 1/4 finals, Feb 29, 2024 at 6:11 PM
    1. dylankop
      if your haven't already managed to get two tickets and sold them for the Swansea home game on the 21st January

      I'll happily buy them from you.

      Thanks mate

    2. Cronster
      Hi mate looking 2 tickets if you can help im in Dundalk
    3. Auldkopite
      I'm not surprised you can't remember Braga, Willie....we were all very drunk that night, them Superboks are damned strong ! I was the older fella with not much hair who pointed you towards your hotel after the session ! I am going to the Anfield Wrap event after the Lafayette I believe, so maybe see you there !
      I would've sent a PM, but it seems I can't do that yet.
      well i was in braga and lisbon so it must be me though my recollections of both trips are not great,damn portugese beer.:)
      i was defo with john in lisbon,not sure about braga.
      i have a ticket for the celtic game but i'm not sure yet whether i'll be able to make it,i'll defo be around after the game though cos i'm going to that anfield wrap thingy,are you going to that?
    5. Auldkopite
      Hi....Willie is it ? It's Ralph here from England....mate of John Malone and (if you're the same Willie !) we met at Euros in Lisbon and Braga, don't know if you remember ? Anyway, just wondered if you were planning to go to the Celtic v Liverpool game in Dublin ? Myself and a mate are coming over for this game and I thought it would be great to see you for a jar ! Cheers, Ralph
    6. moejoe54
      superfan my email is not able to pm on this so if able to help me out with 2 Arsenal away let know thks.
    7. moejoe54
      hi m8 can you help me out
    8. moejoe54
      hi im looking 2 tickets in our (Liverpool) end of emirates.the wife and myself is who the tickets are for can u help me.
    9. davycrocket
      Hi mate,id appreciate it so much if you could help out.he has flights and hotel booked and its his first time.just let me know what details you need thanks mate
    10. Deno
      Hey saw your message on the newcastle tickets thread, not able to PM for some reason (assume it's because I don't have a huge amount of posts) my email is if you can help me out, cheers
    11. PinkFly
      My email is I cannot pm you as I am only new on this
    12. PinkFly
      Hi superfan what details do you need?
    13. PinkFly
      Hi was told to ask you about three cards for the Norwich match?
    14. SUPERFAN
      Which game?
    15. dmac
      Hi man, lads told me to try you for a ticket...
      we're a group of 5 going to the game. We've 4 tickets sorted, but 1 down. are you able to help me out?
    16. Bobbielfc90
      Hey mate what's up with the west brom tickets? Cheers for the offer is my email
    17. fitzpatrickgary
      You still need my cards for the villa sale friday mate
    18. dylankop
      if you got a ticket for carling cup ill 100% happy to take it from you,

    19. superscouse
      Having trouble with my pms

      Jeff 087 6266765
    20. davidog6
      Hi Superfan, could you please email me. I can't PM you on this for some reason. I just want to talk to you about Utd FA Cup tickets. I was at Old Trafford last year for 3rd Round game but I didn't get the ticket on my own membership card. I have the ticket to prove it. my email is
      Thanks a lot
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