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Feb 29, 2024 at 6:02 PM
Jun 25, 2007
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Viewing thread Membership Tickets / System, Feb 29, 2024 at 6:02 PM
    1. Christy
      Apologies, Gerry. My understanding, though, was that the Luton home fixture date of Sat 24 was set last week.
      1. Gerry
        It's subject to change if we make the final.

        It's no hassle either way.we always just ask no dates in thread titles unless set fully etc.
        Dec 28, 2023
    2. dranreb
      Apologies, take your point. I'm clearly desperate but I'll delete post.
    3. oscar1
      I'm owed money from him yet..provided him with 2 tickets for Brighton 2 for Everton and 4 for Watford..owed £420 in total..he won't answer my calls or return texts but will communicate with a friend of mine in donegal who is trying to get money on my behalf
    4. Kevin Meehan
      Kevin Meehan
      Looking for two tickets for the Porto Game on the 9th anyone got any to sell
      1. Gerry
        Ill swap you for a pair for the wolves game
        Apr 2, 2019
      2. Kevin Meehan
        Kevin Meehan
        don't have them for the wolves game sorry. but I will still pay for the ones for the Porto game if you'd like
        Apr 2, 2019
      3. Gerry
        Welcome to the site bud,have a look at the site guidelines and rules re ticket requests
        Apr 2, 2019
    5. Thomas Fitzgerald
      Thomas Fitzgerald
      Hi Gerry looking for 2 tickets for Burnley game, any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you
      1. Gerry
        If you get me two for wolves or munich away we can swap
        Feb 16, 2019
    6. Ian Pickstock
      Ian Pickstock
      Sorted now Gerry thanks for spotting error
    7. aquaman
      Hi Gerry,

      I have 4 for palace if you are still looking

    8. ankers99
      Hi Gerry, I don't know how to tell if he is a stranger. He PM'd and said he had 2 cards on one or way. His username is deano85
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    5. Sorted me with a Napoli spare