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New Profile Posts

  1. Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown
    Does any one know of the whereabouts of Alan Jenkins (Liverpool)
  2. jonnylpfc
  3. sionkopite
    sionkopite aquaman
    Hi just seen u sold 2 tickets for the stoke game I'm looking for 2 as well if u know of anyone has any. It's for my mate and his lad.


  4. Butty
    Butty aquaman
    Is this spare still available?
  5. barry
    barry sionkopite
    Sorry lad, I gave them to another lad from here just last night.
  6. sionkopite
    sionkopite barry
    Hi hows things do yous still have bournemouth pair
  7. Liverpool-law
    Here until further notice.
    KOPSTAR madred
    KOPSTAR madred
    Alright mate hope you get sorted for yr swaps if not im on the look out for 1 for city CL home game i know a big ask , but if not no worries, my ph No if you want to text i will ring you back thanks Donal
  10. IrishCan
    IrishCan Rossie
    I’d be interested them if they’re available Thanks
  11. mallifornia red
    mallifornia red STEVE1978
    Got sorted yesterday Steve. Only getting round to updating now. Thanks anyway
  12. Stephen Molloy
    Stephen Molloy
    we are liverpool tra la la la
  13. Ste
    Ste madred
  14. IrishCan
    IrishCan Deano85
    Hi, interested for in the 5 Tickets.What stand they in and what price? Cheers
  15. Mark burke
    Mark burke mayokev
    Anyone got number for mayokev
  16. jpw
  17. Deano85
    Deano85 ankers99
    No bothers with Brian on giving my cards to him Cheers for using them... say the place was buzzing last night. Y.N.W.A
  18. prettyboylfc81
    Always Believing.
  19. Deano85
    Deano85 Shane_90
    Just leaving feedback on recent giving of cards ,, no hassle whatsoever and returned when needed .. cheers
  20. ankers99
    ankers99 Gerry
    Hi Gerry, I don't know how to tell if he is a stranger. He PM'd and said he had 2 cards on one or way. His username is deano85