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New Profile Posts

  1. BweranDrogs
  2. BweranDrogs
  3. BweranDrogs
  4. Rachael mccormack
    Rachael mccormack
    Come on the pool
  5. Plates
  6. Sean Tuffy
  7. Murt
    Life long Liverpool fan and proud of it!
  8. Scouser Gerry
  9. Sharon Robinson
    Sharon Robinson
    Would anyone be interested in staying at our serviced apts 5 minutes walk away from Anfield? The old Bill development of 9 2xbed apts
  10. Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor halfback5
    Hi mate, my friend in Dubai passed details as he said you might have two Spain tickets for the game tomorrow, do you still have them? If you do what's your number?
  11. hazard
    hazard Ron1892
    hello members
  12. LFCRebel
    LFCRebel The Hurrikane
    Hi mate , i'll take the 2 Leicester tickets if available, I only need one but can try find someone else to take the 2nd one cheers
    1. LFCRebel
      Sorry was looking at the dates for the reverse fixtures, nevermind, cheers
      Aug 4, 2017
  13. Tarabuses
    Tarabuses IanoM7
    I have one ticket available for Staturday. South stand lower - €60.
  14. Poolbest11
    Waiting for the transfer window to close, so i can stop hearing all the ITK BS.
  15. sds reds
    sds reds kopdub
    Hi where in da ground is the ticket for. Also i have spares for 4 games that im not using if ya short for any games kerp it in mind
  16. sds reds
    sds reds kopdub
    Hi will take that arsenal if still going please. My name is stephen and number is 085 1459463
  17. Thomas Geraghty
    Thomas Geraghty thirty
    Just wondering if tickets are still available because I'm going to meet a member for some today but the tickets are he has the price is higher but would like him let him know yes or no wouldn't like not to inform him
  18. Thomas Geraghty
    Thomas Geraghty GaryMc
    Yeah id say so big game for dublin unfortunately it would be same day
  19. Thomas Geraghty
    Thomas Geraghty
    Hi guys looking for 2 or 3 tickets to the game at the Aviva defo at least 2 for ath Bilbao
  20. Amy Keeler
    Amy Keeler
    Bubblin in Dublin