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New Profile Posts

  1. Bobbyboulders
    Bobbyboulders madred
    Hello, you looking for one for watford?
    1. madred likes this.
    2. madred
      Got one of mark buckley
      Thanks for the offer
      Feb 26, 2019
  2. istanbul_05time
  3. istanbul_05time
  4. Darragh1
    Darragh1 Block102
    Hey.. not selling Bayern on its own no?
  5. Darragh1
    Darragh1 Dean4ryan
    Hey.. not selling Bayern on its own
  6. Thomas Fitzgerald
    Thomas Fitzgerald Gerry
    Hi Gerry looking for 2 tickets for Burnley game, any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you
    1. Gerry
      If you get me two for wolves or munich away we can swap
      Feb 16, 2019
  7. Alan Tobin
    Alan Tobin
    Funbus original
  8. kelly jones
  9. ianmahony1977
    ianmahony1977 paulwex
    Hi Paul, Liam was saying you need tickets brought over on Monday. Think i'm gonna head over from Dublin if that's any use to you?
  10. Ian Pickstock
    Ian Pickstock Gerry
    Sorted now Gerry thanks for spotting error
  11. joxers25
    What a result, get in
  12. joxers25
    Out for the match! YNWA
  13. joxers25
    Member for 6 years, but haven't been about for a while. Hoping to be more involved!
  14. aquaman
    aquaman Gerry
    Hi Gerry,

    I have 4 for palace if you are still looking

  15. fitzpatrickgary
    fitzpatrickgary liamo3
    Hey Liam I have a spare for the derby main stand if your mate is still looking
    MR KING KENNY djdwainec
    Hi im ready to go with a mobike deal. What deals are out there. You can call me if you like.
    0872605866 kevin
  17. James Austin
    James Austin madred
    Got a single for Fulham in kop if you’d swap it for one Cardiff?
  18. James Austin
    James Austin FairviewFowler
    Alright mate have the Fulham if you want to swap it for the Cardiff if you still have to?
  19. NotTooXabi
    NotTooXabi mark buckley
    Very easy to deal with, top fella
    1. mark buckley likes this.
    2. mark buckley
      mark buckley
      Cheers lad
      Oct 10, 2018
  20. Devs7
    Lets play football - Klopp 2018