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Rover 609
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Mar 12, 2020
May 13, 2008
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Jul 21, 1972 (Age: 48)
Full Time Redman!!

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Rover 609

Well-Known Member, 48, from Slane

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Mar 12, 2020
    1. dk.lfc
      Sorted me for West Ham away, sound as always.
    2. GerF
      Tks so much for your offer Ronan. I''ll have to keep trying for tickets for Newcastle match this year - birthday present for my husband - hopefully we'll be lucky.
    3. Niall208
      Hi Rover,
      Just wondering if you are the same rover 609 as on toutless?
      If it is could you get in touch.
      Apologies if its not you.
    4. singlestone
      RO DAVY here once again thanks. i havnt been on the site in a long time
    5. alan_j_eire
      Thanks for dropping in last Sunday much appreciated.

      Ronan if you come across 2 tickets for arsenal would you keep me in mind for them.

      I've two guests booked in but haven't been able to secure a ticket at face value, lots of people selling them for crazy money.

      I don't mind paying abit over the odds but seriously some people really do take the p***

      Thanks mate

    6. alan_j_eire
      Hiya Ronan.

      Alan here. I'm from Dublin. Recently took over the king Harry bar just off Anfield road

      I read from your posts you fly in early if ya want I'll collect you all in my minibus and bring ye straight to my bar. You can see Anfield from my place. I'll do abit of brekkie if ya want. Then you can all go on the lash.

      It's your call mate just an option for you.

      083 426 9827
    7. mushypea
      Hiya Ronan. Not sure if you getting PM's from me? Just onto ya about the plan for picking up tickets for the game Sat. Cheers pal
    8. Sib
      Dont know anybody thats going over ronan. if you know anybody thats going over from dublin and will get it to you, let me know and i will meet them to hand over ticket.
    9. Sib
      Ronan, offering up my wigan ticket for top red if you want it. can drop it off anywhere in dublin tonight or give it to somebody who's going over. Stephen
    10. gradiovirgo
      have 2 tkts available for wed night,been let down yours if want them,can meet in newry or dundalk area tomorrow if you no anybody down that way,ollie 0864005176
    11. Davec
      hey mate , do you know if those rooms for next week are still available you can call me in on 0857117283
    12. Red Kopite
      Red Kopite
      Just to let you all know that I am organising 13th Annual Ballintubber 10k GOAL Walk at 12.30 pm on Saturday 26th December 2009. Venue is Ballintubber,Castlerea, Co.Roscommon. Our Walk has raised in excess of €323,000 over the years for GOAL's work in the Developing World. You may like to participate. I can be contacted at (087) 6388116 .You may like to sponsor our efforts on
      We have a lovely Commemorative Bookmark with the words "You'll Never Walk Alone" for all who make contributions online. Thanks to fellow Reds in anticipation of your support.
    13. kellsred
      I just spent the last few minutes trying to find the pm button without success, thanks for the message, now I just have to hit reply!
      Numbers are 341 and 342, any probs my number is 0868165160.
      Thanks Ronan.
    14. Huggie
      How things? Just said i send a hello. Met ya in O'Neills last night. Ronan
    15. SINGLE
      Ro Just Seen Your Mess Sent On The 6th.i Was Suppossed To Work That Night But After Nando Got That Winner I Went On The Ale To Calm The Palpitations In Me Ticker.hope To See You Next Wk In Madrid.tapas Sandy Miguel Are On Me.are You Sorted For A Wilson Picket.
    16. paulcompton
      Sorry I have only seen your response now, that's no worries, thanks anyway. Paul.
    17. redabbey
      Hi Ronan, Did not make it there until 6. Made a mistake at the airport and got the 86 bus going the wrong direction and took nearly an hour from the airport. I also checked out O'Neills after the match as well. Will defo make it on the 26th as the flight from Knock arrives much earlier into Liverpool.
    18. paulcompton
      Azzkikr I will take that spare room off you if it is still going, my mobile is 086 2525591. Many thanks.
    19. redabbey
      Hi Captain, Can I come on board the bus to Liverpool on Wednesday? I too am on the Blackpool flight.
    20. Jamie Agger
      Jamie Agger
      Yeah I'll keep at it! Anyhow, how was Marseille? You can stick your EMM ticket up on ebay now!
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    Jul 21, 1972 (Age: 48)
    Full Time Redman!!
    1st time in anfield Jan 1993 Villa beat us 3-1.
    Been down the pub!!