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Sep 8, 2020
Jun 29, 2007
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Super Moderator, from Blanchardstown

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Sep 8, 2020
    1. GerF
      Ok grand tks Daz
    2. GerF
      Oops sorry I wondered where it had gone - I put up another one ?? How should I phrase it ?
    3. Jari_Lad
      Daz will you pm me your contact details for the West Ham ticket, thanks.
    4. wexfordred
      Hi daz , just replied to your post re fulham match n I have no problem helping u out , I am a good mate of wexred n I c he is one of your listed friends on the site so if u want to knock him a text then I am sure he will vouch for me , Richie is the name by the way .
    5. dararyder
      Hi Daz,

      Apologies. Read the rules and didn't see any about tickets other than not buying/selling for more than face value. Have i missed something? Maybe you could point me to the rule you are referring to and where i might be able to post re tickets? Thanks mate.

    6. joycerdublin
      Today 04:20 PMjoycerdublin
      Yeh i did. I know i need so many posts before being able to get tickets. I tried the phone numbers and no luck. Cant get through to most of them and the 1 i did get through 2 they woudn answer. If u could help mw out or point me in the right direction it would b very much appreciated.
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    7. dmac
      where are the rules?
    8. annmcnally99
      Ok sorry did not realise that. Apologies again.
    9. brownie 09
    10. brownie 09
      brownie 09
    11. brownie 09
      brownie 09
      i know mate, i've had it all and ive seen some good people get crucified to the extent that they cba doing anything anymore, whats worse is if the 6th october comes and things dont turn out the way we want the people who do nothing will be the first ones to have a pop at everything...
    12. brownie 09
      brownie 09
      Cheers for cleaning that thread up mate
    13. Tenente77
      I thought that the number of posts rule only referred to those seeking tickets and not those trying to sort out other longer established members of the site with a ticket.
      I apologise for my mistake.
    14. cabrared
      I can understand about the posts,but as I was willing to hand over my fancard and it was only face valuefor the ticket I think the rule is wrong as it means an empty seat at the game which could be used up by an irish kop member ! Maybe Im wrong !
    15. DANROW
      alright darren its danny tashas there any chance of getting 2 tickets for the bohs game on th 17th august
    16. DANROW
      is this Darren Mcgrath

      Alright mate its danny...
    17. scousepaddy
      Spot on mate, just that the lad who was gettin me ticket sold it for more money. wont happen again.
    18. lpoolfan
      sorry daz, won't happen again mate :)
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