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New Profile Posts

  1. diceyreilly
    diceyreilly Happy Wednesdays
    Think i have a spare. Will know in an hour or so. Whats your availability for tickets for next Season. Trying to get the godson over for a game. Do you have 13+ credits 4+ or whats the craic
  2. Bill balshaw
    Bill balshaw paulwex
    The ticket is available not really sure how this works it’s on a first come basis if you drop me a line on my e mail we can sort
    I would have to meet and go in ground together as seat is next to me
    Ticket price is £38 no mark up at all
  3. LadderPower9
  4. Sean Cunningham
    Sean Cunningham Dub13
    Thanks. Heading to my first match with my son who is 10 for his first match Wednesday night!
  5. fordes
    fordes paulwex
    Only interested in trading for cup final
  6. RedPaddy
    RedPaddy irishfowler
    Hi Rob. Are the tickets gone for FA cup game ?
  7. Beano87
    Beano87 mighty magpie
    hey conor.. you can add me to friends and family there.. membership number is 11322694
  8. Fran74
    Fran74 darraghoc17
    Hi Darragh I will take the single for the kop if still available. My number is 087 2497292. Thanks
  9. Christy
    Christy Gerry
    Apologies, Gerry. My understanding, though, was that the Luton home fixture date of Sat 24 was set last week.
    1. Gerry
      It's subject to change if we make the final.

      It's no hassle either way.we always just ask no dates in thread titles unless set fully etc.
      Dec 28, 2023
    Liverpool 2 Everton 0!!!!
  11. kopon01
    kopon01 dogrady26
    Hi. Do you still have a spare for LASK? I would be interested.
  12. kopdub
    kopdub Pfoley
    Any chance we can connect pre sale so I can get tickets beside each other?
    1. Pfoley
      Yeah should be fine. I'll message u next week and sort
      Jul 9, 2023
  13. The Pernicious One
    The Pernicious One
    The Pernicious One, ☝️!
  14. upthereds
    Liverpool 7 Man Utd 0!!!!
  16. Balford
    Balford Honda
    Cheers bud.
  17. Balford
    Balford Dub13
    Thanks for accepting me into this community. Was sat beside a man on a flight yesterday home from Manchester after the game that recommended this site to me after I told him I traveled on my own from Kilkenny to watch the Chelsea game..cost me a bomb in a taxi from Manchester
  18. Balford
  19. Balford
    Thanks for accepting me into this community.. was sat beside a man yesterday on a plane from Manchester that recommended it.. YNWA.
  20. Michael sabatini
    Michael sabatini
    Absolute joke firmino not included for Brazil what are your taughts