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New Profile Posts

  1. RedPaddy
    RedPaddy Terry
    Hi Terry. You bought lfc shirts off '' before right?
    Was going to buy but nervous about inputting credit card info as I usually use PayPal which isnt an option on it..
    You find it secure to use?
    1. Terry
      Yeh mate I’ve bought a good bit of gear from them so have the lads in work and never an issue - great quality product, excellent service and no trust issues so far pal.
      May 6, 2022
  2. Kiddo1124
    Kiddo1124 liamo3
    Sorry pal gone already
  3. dranreb
    dranreb Gerry
    Apologies, take your point. I'm clearly desperate but I'll delete post.
  4. pete4pool
    Klopp!! that is all.
  5. thenewguy
    It's Wednesday night. And you know what that means.
  6. Christy
    Christy Paddy M
    Ph 0872509358. Thanks a mill for sorting this Paddy.
    1. Paddy M likes this.
  7. tommy26241
    tommy26241 mallifornia red
    Have one in the Kop for Porto if it's any good. Don't need a swap for leeds
  8. Fran74
    Fran74 mallifornia red
    Hi mate, I will take 1 palace off you if still available please? Cheers, Fran 087 2497292
  9. Rover 609
    Rover 609 Pfoley
    Can you text or call me on 0868446271 re Leeds away
  10. Ian Pickstock
  11. Ian Pickstock
    Ian Pickstock liamo3
    Hi mate hope you sent Vicky from B & B my details for football fans back to Airports
    1. liamo3
      I can do mate. Pm me details.
      Aug 17, 2021
  12. oscar1
    oscar1 Andy C
    Hi Andy,,

    I'll definitely have your 4 tickets for the euro final if still available,,I'll give you tickets for any liverpool home games in return or can pay you for your tickets for final..

    Whichever way you prefer but I'd love your tickets if still available.

  13. Irish red ******
  14. Kaye
    Sad to say a true supporter has passed away.
  15. KopiteHub
    A hub of news, stats and features for all Liverpool FC fans.By Kopites, for Kopites // // #JFT96 #DontBuyTheSun
  16. Kaye
    Is Anfield closing its tours due to Covid
  17. Kaye
    Can anyone tell me isthe liverpool experience open . A matter of urgency
    1. Kaye
      Jul 28, 2020
  19. Kaye
    Anyone living outside of ireland does not have the social distancing law applied to them.
  20. Melion
    Melion KK1977
    Top lad, looked after me and met in person with the ticket.