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Prem Prediction Game 2019/20 - Game 22 Results and Table

Discussion in 'Prediction/Fantasy Football' started by D7Hooper, Jan 13, 2020.

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    Low scoring round apart from Paul Connolly who hit the bonus and got 5 points.

    1. How many away teams will score 2 or more goals in Saturday's games? : 1 Southampton
    2. How many goals will the two Manc teams score combined? 10
    3. What will the result of this game be, Wolves v Newcastle (Home Away Draw)? : Draw
    4. Which team will be 10th in the prem table after Sunday's games? Arsenal
    5. In which minute will the first substitution be in this game Villa v Citeh? : 63rd

    ppgtabgame 22.jpg

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