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other clubs transfer rumours and makey up stories

Discussion in 'Transfer Forum' started by glen, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Marcotti saying it's closer to 250k a week for Ramsey which is still a great deal for him and his signing on fee would be a bit heftier I'd imagine than if he was on the originally quoted 400k. But for context,
    Gylfi Siggurdson is on 150k a week and cost Everton 45m. That's 78.2m. Danny Drinkwater won't be costing Chelsea much less than that,Barca offered a 40m pound signing to them in a straight swap for Willian and 2 years ago Watford turned down 35m for Troy Deeney and you'd have to think both players wages would have pushed their overall costs into similar figures.

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