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northside red
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Jan 18, 2022
Jun 26, 2007
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northside red

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Jan 18, 2022
    1. oscar1
      Hi. Just inquiring did you buy the tickets from sionkopite for the Sheffield United game??.
      I've agreed to swap tickets with him for games after xmas and I'm worried that I've been had over..he's already received a pair from me for Everton Brighton Watford..
      I'm a relatively new member to the group and would appreciate any information..

    2. Bulloneill
      Hey mate do still have a spare ticket for the psg game
    3. kazzermac1
      hows it going Damo charmac son here just wondering if ye get your hands on 2 tickets for man u will ye keep me in mind . i tryed and tryed but no joy thanks buddy have a good one
    4. hippo Inzaghi
      hippo Inzaghi
      hey , my number is 0879150332 if you need to contact me
      I've confirmed all my team will be there tomorrow and we will pay then if ok. some of us will be staying for the champions league match as we live local. looking forward to it now, first one to be involved in so hope it as good as has been reported.
    5. Feery
      Hi, I'm looking to enter a team for the HJC cup this Saturday, hopefully there is still time to submit a team? Could I get you to forward me what information is needed? Thanks
    6. Noelyc
      Hi, I want to enter a team again this year, we got to the final last year so hoping to go one better! Are team is from Carroll's Irish Gifts.
    7. Noelyc
      Hi, I am a friend of Pam's.. I told her I would enter a team for the HJC cup, is it to late and can we pay on the day? thanks Noel
    8. bgm13
      I'm sure I could do something up for you, drop me an email at with as much detail as you can. It would have been handy to do this over PM but there doesn't seem to be any on this forum?
    9. carolinemcs
      Have you still got the 4 tickets for Tottenham game? Where are the seats and how much?
    10. superscouse
      Please log into toutless. I want those two tix you have. Just need confirmation they are mine..... Booked on stena at 2am.
    11. DougieDo'ins
      Can't PM.

      What you after ?
    12. byrnie
      alrite lad my number is many of you are going?
    13. byrnie
      alright lad,theres three of us goin over gonna come with us yeah?
    14. Daz
      Alright mate,

      I;ve had to delete a couple of your posts as we have strict rules regarding requests for ticket sale and purchases. Please the below thread for full details:

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