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New Profile Posts

  1. KopHaney
    KopHaney GaryMc
    sorry my number is 087 6233244 rgds, Peadar ,
    ( cud b looking a tic or 2 4 watford away 1st game ! )
  2. KopHaney
    KopHaney GaryMc
    lost your number Gary, can you send me a text to save it, cheers, Peadar 087 6233244
  3. Galwaydub
    Always looking forward to the next mach at Anfield
  4. dublinred1993
    Poetry In Motion.
  5. KopHaney
    KopHaney GaryMc
    Will take that ticket if Fran dont want it Gary. can meet outside aviva on sunday, my mobile no. is 0876233244
  6. Galwaydub
    If you can't support us when we lose or draw, don't support us when we win.
  7. sullycarr
    Champions league here we come woooooooo hooooooooo
  8. Furry96
    Furry96 michaelo45
    €50 if you still want it. Sefton grange L8
    1. michaelo45
      I've got sorted already
      May 20, 2017
  9. sionkopite
    sionkopite stevieg
    Have you still got Southampton single
  10. sumon
    Make Chrome Run Faster and Keep RAM Usage Under Control
  11. Rob01
    Rob01 Andy C
    Hi Andy, thanks for the message. I ended up getting sorted with 2 tickets together so I'm sorted. I appreciate the offer
  12. Michaellennon96
    Michaellennon96 Dub13
    Hi I've just joined this forum and I know it's against rules to ask for tickets until 30 days but I'm just wondering as I'm in massive panic I'm going to Liverpool Friday for the weekend and I'm going to get to the game is there any way I can get help on this or tips on getting tickets over there?
  13. zamaguire
    zamaguire redabbey
    could I have the everton ticket please
  14. Dub13
    Dub13 Tilly
    Welcome back.
  15. Tilly
    Its good to be back
  16. Paddy Kelly
    Paddy Kelly
    Looking for 2 tickets for Liverpool v Southampton
  17. whipstock
  18. Wicklow Red
    Wicklow Red
    Make us dream super Liverpool
  19. Dietmar
    Dietmar Horan01
    Hiya, don't suppose you have that Spurs one still spare do you lad? Cheers.
  20. liverdub2016
    Please can we win a game